Getting a Start on My New Career

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I graduated from Georgetown nearly a year ago, but it took me that long to finally get the sort of job that I was hoping to get right then. I had to wait for some people in the department to retire, although I am still on a long waiting list for a parking spot. I have spent the morning looking for a more convenient place to live and that eventually led me to some apartments for rent in Forestville MD which is about ten minutes drive from the facility where I am working. Of course I am not really supposed to say much about the place, it is not a secret, but that is not the same as saying that they are eager for publicity. (more…)

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We Paid for Our Cabin Renovations with Scrap Copper

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My wife helped me to buy an old cabin in the mountains. It was falling apart, and we had no idea how much it would cost to fix it up. We were going to do all the work ourselves. When we got started, we found many barrels, buckets and boxes of scrap copper pieces in an old shed out back. I checked the scrap copper price, and we loaded up our pickup truck with as much as it could carry on the first load. There were several full pickup truck loads of clean copper. It was little pieces of copper pipe and pieces of bare wire. The previous owner said his grandfather kept putting scrap pieces in the shed from his job as an electrician and a plumber. He told us we could have it all with the cabin and property we were buying.

We got several thousand dollars selling the copper. We put it all into renovating the place to be our little mountain getaway. We were even able to hire expert help when we needed it. Now we have a place that is much more than a cabin in the woods. It is a second home to us.


Effective Do It Yourself Saves Money

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Running a business is tough, and that’s why I looked online for a check stub maker. The reason is that labor costs are my biggest expense, by far. It’s not just the actual hours my employees put in, either. It’s all the related costs that really hurt your bottom line. The need for human resources, the insurance, the worker’s compensation claims, etc. It gets to the point where you start looking for any way to save money without having to put people out of work. I don’t want to fire my employees, only reduce the cost of utilizing them.

That’s why I looked for a way to do our own paychecks. We used to employ an outside firm to print up the checks and stubs, and I got sick of the endless price increases that came every year like clockwork. (more…)


How Learning VBA for Excel Will Give You a Real Edge in Interviews for Front Office Positions

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Before the information age, joining the market finance world required absolutely no technical knowledge. At that time, operations of all kinds and any analytical task were done manually.

However, the technological revolution has brought us to a new era where the challenge now is to automate processes as much as possible.

In the same time, this revolution also brought more talented and skilled people which made the competition very fierce to those who now aspire to join the industry. Traders that don’t know how to write code still exist, but they usually came several years ago, and are less and less desirable.

Today if you want to successfully pass an interview for a front office position, you need to know at least one programming language. The most widely used in banks (and also the easier to learn) is VBA.

First of all, what is VBA ?

VBA (Visual Basic Application) is a programming language that was developed by Microsoft in 1993 and is embedded into Microsoft Excel. VBA is a tool that people commonly use to develop automated programs with Excel as the user interface. VBA has some interesting features that are very useful when analyzing financial data, developing charts or format and present raw

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Ability of Dot Net Framework to Cater Varied Development Needs

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Having a web application has become a requisite for businesses to grow and stand ahead of the competitors. Addressing this concern, we have become pretty aware about the dynamics of .Net framework and how it benefits in the task of web development. This platform helps companies to efficiently communicate with partners and clients, thereby delivering a vast range of services to them.

Why Consider .Net as the Superior Choice

Typically, this platform comprises of 5 basic elements including; .NET Building Block Service, Windows Enterprise Server, Windows Operating System, .NET framework and the Visual Studio.NET tool set. This technology offers the ability to seamlessly develop, deploy and use security-enhanced and connected systems and solutions.

What is the specialty of .Net framework

    • Rapid development.
    • Enhanced support for dynamic web pages.
    • Object-oriented scripting language.
    • Zero impact installation.
    • Value added security.
    • Speedy and easy data access.
  • Supporting web services.

Latest features in .Net Framework 4.6.2

Recently, release of .Net 4.6.2 has led to a series of improvements and bug fixes. Microsoft published a blog post which, highlights the changes and features in the latest version of this platform. This refined version brings about a number of improvements which, end users will take advantage of. Some of its key advancements are per-monitor DPI support, extensive support

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OpenCart: The High-End ECommerce Solution to Build Online Stores

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The process of developing an eCommerce store is quite daunting. Firstly, it becomes necessary to rely upon one proficient and workable solution which, will drive seamless business performance. Presently, there is a number of online shopping carts, provided with several functional capabilities. Considering the varied platforms, OpenCart holds a remarkable presence in the domain because of its extensive functionality.

The prime focus of any business is revenue generation. Likewise, online stores always emphasize on increasing the sales figures, while expanding online audience, which is certainly possible with OpenCart integration.

Simple Store Setup

A simple and clear setup process is one of its core benefits. Irrespective of whether you are a tech-savvy store owner or a non-advanced online merchant. With this platform, the entire task of store development becomes easy. It doesn’t need in-depth technical skills to install it. However, with experienced OpenCart developers, you can get assurance of successful accomplishment of the entire process.

Usability and Performance

Site speed is another point of concern which, greatly impacts the user experience. OpenCart shopping carts are pretty lightweight which, deploy AJAX technology for reducing the loading time, thereby increasing the store speed.

Moreover, the admin panel is easy to use and you won’t need much time to

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BDD – Behavior Driven Development

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Continuous Integration using Behavior Driven Development Tests for Clients recently have entailed the use of Specflow, NUnit (Like JUnit), WebDriver, Selenium, C#, HTML and similar technologies within a technology “stack”. BDD as it is called is but one key PART of a unified continuous test, build and deploy strategy employed in the software development life cycle.

BDD uses a simple “human language friendly” means of gathering the USER and OWNER expectations of what an application should do when certain actions take place within a running application, for example:

• “when I do “this”, and “this” happens

• then when “that” happens and has been “verified”,

• I will then do “this” other thing and “something else” happens.

• ETC.

The BDD process converts common sense action statements into method stubs which eventually are then developed to activate the running instance of an application/page object of the application via a POM, which is an acronym for a Page Object Model class. Each POM applies to objects within a specific screen or view of a running application..

There are also Actions that can be taken or completed via the application which are defined and accessed using the LFM (Logical Functional Model), which is the series of “methods” or

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Dire Need of Base SAS Specialists in the IT Kingdom

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Most IT companies strive with the critical problems/bottle necks arising from the highly intricate and distributed data network. It is important for the companies to understand such problems and use holistic techniques to synchronizing, align, streamline, refine, analyze, and reformat their extensive data for their different applications. It will not only help them to gain an edge, but also to organize their data in a professional way. Of course, generating hefty data reports as well as appealing formats need high level of programming resources, assets and efforts. Today, IT departments manage tons of software applications to manage, organize and analyze their data in a flexible way.

IT companies need absolute tools

Therefore, in order to reduce this complexity, it is essential to bring an absolute tool in the system that can power the whole organizations and provide the needed support to the whole enterprise in practical ways. Companies must conclude to generously align and speed up their programming efforts to lessen the rising cost and produce the analytical reports that can help in decision making.

Thanks to the Base SAS software solution that is one of the most flexible, result-oriented and powerful software environment for transforming companies. It has the ability to

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5 Key Pointers to Consider Before Choosing a Shopify Theme

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The design of your eCommerce store is a core aspect to note while considering the online business. Perhaps, it is the first thing of your company which, a customer observes before buying a product and thus, you need to do it rightly. The theme store of Shopify hosts hundreds of great themes and making the right choice might be a bit daunting.

Addressing the concern, following here are some of the must-have features to look on before choosing a Shopify theme.

Simple Navigation

A barrier mostly faced by online shoppers is: navigating the products themselves and while you are stocking a number of brilliant brands, it becomes intimidating enough to keep the navigation down to least. It is essential to select a theme which, will help you to have least number of ‘levels’ to the navigation as possible.

Responsive without Sacrifice

All the themes of the Shopify theme store are mobile friendly, since, it is a part of the guidelines that; a theme needs to go through some considerations before getting acceptance on the store.

Large, beautiful videos and photos

Your lifestyle and product imagery offers you the platform to showcase your offers and updates to customers. Thus, keep note of the fact that: the chosen

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From Fiction To Reality The Evolution Of Beacon Technology

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Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, gradually turning every science fiction into reality. Beacon technology is one of those technological advancements, which was once a figment of the imagination of many researchers. Let’s have a look at how beacon technology is evolving and changing our business world.

What is a Beacon?

A Beacon is a tiny, battery-powered, wireless, low-cost sensor with a built-in Bluetooth chip device that works on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It allows Bluetooth enabled devices to receive data within short distances.

Beacon device is designed in such a way that it is easy to fix anywhere and can be efficiently used by everyone. It continuously broadcasts a radio signal, and when a device receives this signal it reads the beacon’s ID and triggers the action in the smartphone app based on the proximity of the beacon. What makes a beacon technology different is its ability to “wake up” an app, which is not open but has been downloaded on the Smartphone.

Deep Dive into Beacon Technology

Most beacons use BLE technology / Bluetooth Smart Technology as it requires low energy consumption and low implementation cost. The technology only allows for small amounts of data transmission, and it is the reason most

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